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Dick Mitchell Videos
Revised and Updated on DVD

By Far The Easiest Way To Learn These Crucial Concepts!

Foreword by Charles Carroll

Dick Mitchell was a rare combination of a master handicapper and a master teacher who could convey ideas in such an engaging style that you would enjoy it so much you almost didn't realize how much you were learning. Dick passed away in 2006, but he left behind a legacy of landmark books that hopefully every handicapper knows about and has read. What many handicappers may not know is that he also left behind a legacy of videos of his teaching on a whole variety of handicapping subjects. Cynthia Publishing is now updating some of these using classic Dick Mitchell segments with interspersed updates taking into account recent research and the availability of vast numbers of races today via simulcasting.

Current Commonsense Handicapping DVD

Structure Your Handicapping, Simplify Your Betting & Make More Money at the Races — This Brand-new DVD Shows You How!

Up-to-the-minute Cynthia Publishing Company Findings Plus Classic Lessons from Dick Mitchell Are the Brilliant Combo Guaranteed to Guide You to the Win Window More Often

Current Commonsense Handicapping Gives You More Than 2 Hours of First-rate Instruction, Information and Insights Digitally Packaged on a Single DVD

It's classic checklist handicapping, and regardless of the methods you're now using, it's a great place to start to get a fast understanding of any race. You will discover how to structure your handicapping like never before. And the wins and profits will roll off the assembly line as well!

The duo of the Cynthia Publishing Company staff and Mr. Mitchell hook up to give you their very best. By far the most compelling, most effective, most successful single handicapping teacher of this or any other age, Mr. Mitchell lives on through his outstanding video-presentation legacy, one we are both honored and proud to share with you exclusively.

The Current Commonsense Handicapping DVD contains timely, updated information and research findings from the Cynthia Publishing Company professional staff. These modern-day tips, tricks and techniques work in concert with Mr. Mitchell's original findings to assure you take full advantage of both the classic and the modern in your quest for racetrack profits.

And the very special bonus of wet-track handicapping approaches and angles will be a valuable addition to your handicapping arsenal. They truly are Mitchell-like in their simplicity and elegance. But all you have to do is kick back, watch and let the knowledge soak in. You can't help but become a better handicapper and bigger winner!

Here are a two hours chock full of first-rate handicapping instruction that you can watch at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want, as often as you need to. Quality time with the immortal Dick Mitchell and his best and brightest disciples.

All for only $29.95! (plus shipping)

Common Sense Betting Strategy - Plus Practical Apps/Computer 'Cappin

Publisher's description:

Is it worth $29.95 to learn how to bet properly?

You bet — especially when you consider that most good handicappers don't win nearly as much as they should precisely because their betting-strategy skills are lacking.

More than anything else, betting strategy determines just how much you take home from the track over the long run. So it pays to improve your skills in this vital area.

Thankfully, most of your competitors at the racetrack refuse to bet anywhere close to intelligently. They commit the same common blunders over and over at the mutuel windows.

In this fantastic DVD spanning more than 110 minutes, you'll learn how to take full advantage of their generosity. Dick Mitchell was a master betting strategist, and this DVD proves it. He effortlessly takes you through the proper betting strategies, backing them up with the immutable, absolute truth of mathematics.

You'll learn how to make the most of the relationships between odds, probability and expectation. Indeed, the equation Mitchell provides for expectation will be your version of e=mc2. In other words, it'll represent a quantum leap in your understanding of savvy betting strategy. You'll be putting the odds on your side in the win, place-and-show, daily double and pick 3 pools.

You'll watch this DVD over and over, reinforcing Mitchell's rock-solid concepts with actual "trips to the track" courtesy of our professional staff's practical applications of Mitchell's lectures. You'll see the theories being put to real-world use. You will learn by doing.

This DVD is guaranteed to improve your bottom line, and you don't have to change your handicapping one bit. Is it worth $29.95 to learn how to bet properly? Is it worth $29.95 to be able to stop saying, "If I only knew how to bet..." This DVD will change your outlook. Watch it and start enjoying a new confidence and clarity in your betting. More important, enjoy their positive effects on your bottom line

All for only $29.95! (plus shipping)

Commonsense Money Management

From Charles Carroll:

Dick Mitchell wrote some landmark books on handicapping and betting that were (and are) essential reading for serious handicappers. One of the most important was on money management, but like some of his books, it was so dense with math that the standing joke was, no one had ever actually read it from cover-to-cover, including Dick. This DVD will break any mental block you have about understanding these concepts. Dick walks and talks you through the essential concepts of money management and betting, in not only a painless but entertaining way!

These are fundamentals you must understand if you are serious about raising your skills from a "punter" to a serious and successful investor at the track. There is no more comfortable way to learn them than by watching a master teacher explain them in simple, straight forward language. Highly recommended!

Publisher's description:

Baffled by the devilish issues of money management? When to bet, what types of bets to make and, the trickiest question of all, how much to bet? Not anymore. Mr. Dick Mitchell gives you straightforward, timeless instruction that will have you building your bankroll optimally in no time. All the lessons you need for savvy racetrack investing — growing your profits with the right measure — are here, distilled into easy-to-apply strategies you can start using after just one viewing. Best of all, once you learn money management, it's yours forever. Because unlike handicapping, money management never changes.

All for only $29.95! (plus shipping)


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